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While traveling outside US, documentation is an important part of your trip. Outside US and even in other States, you and your luggage are recognized by your documents. Carrying proper travel related documents and identity proofs could help you avoid unnecessary jitters.The best international travel tips is to carry original copy of some documents and keep one or two photocopies of the other in case of emergency. You should also leave a copy of your documents with some friends, which they can fax to you if you loose yours. Ask your travel agent or friends who have gone to those destinations about the necessary travel tips for documents.Vacations and Business travel TipsWhether you are on fun, business or a personal trip, the important documents required while traveling outside US are: Passport, Visa, Driving License, Medical Certificates and Insurance documents. A passport is an internationally recognized travel document that verifies the identity and nationality of the bearer.A valid U.S. passport is required to enter and leave most foreign countries. The Passport Services Office provides information and services to American citizens about how to obtain, replace or change a passport. To obtain a passport for the first time, you need to go in person to passport acceptance facilities with your two photographs, proof of U.S. citizenship, and a valid form of photo identification such as driver’s license and apply for the passport. You can seek travel tips for documents from your friends and acquaintances that have traveled to those destinations.Airline Travel Tips and Visa RequirementsMost countries require a visa before you can travel there. You can board on aircraft only if you have a valid visa and return air ticket for the destination. Few countries allow free passage to US Citizens. However, it is mandatory to carry a valid identification proof with you in these countries to avoid legal complications and prove your identity in case of emergency. It is the responsibility of travelers to obtain Visa, where required, from the appropriate embassy or nearest consulate of the country you are planning to visit. Certain countries have proper validation requirements for Visa applications take some time before approving your visa. It is therefore necessary to obtain the visa well in advance to avoid last minute problems.Luggage Documentation TipsIf you are carrying valuable and electronic items, good travel tips is to keep a copy of the invoice, insurance and troubleshooting manuals with you while you are traveling. While invoice and insurance are needed to prove your ownership, a manual will help the technicians if some problem occurs in it. These documents will also help you to avail international warranty and service facilities wherever applicable. Travel insurance tipsMost countries require the foreign tourists covered up with insurance before they enter the country. However, insurance during travel is a critical issue due to legal differences between two countries. Contact your insurance company to find if the present insurance covers the foreign trips or not. Even your travel agent can help you with important travel insurance tips.

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One of the most important travel tips is to carry ample cash while going on vacation. However, keeping large amount of cash with you is not safe. International Credit Card is an alternate to avoid hassles of keeping cash. Here are some important travel tips and travel money tips to use your credit card:International travel tips for credit card usageThe first of the important travel tips for international travels is to find out from the credit card company if you can use your card in international locations. Also find out from the credit card company the charges that are applicable on your card. Confirm from them if the current PIN will work in other countries or you need an international PIN to use ATM machines at international locations and what are the conversion charges. It is also important to have their local help line numbers and the list of ATM locations close to the destinations you plan to visit. Free Travel and Airfare TipsYour credit card not only helps you pay for your vacations but also earns some fun-filled vacations for you. Some credit cards offers discount on international vacation if charges are made from their card and if you choose a hotel or airline from their list. Airlines Mileage Card offers bonus points every time you make a purchase. After making purchases from this card for 3-4 months, you can even get 1-2 free airlines tickets.Business Travel Tips for Credit CardCredit card security is very important while on international vacation. It does not take much time for a waiter to copy your credit card information and use it to go on an online shopping spree. Keep an eye on the waiter after you give your card. Ensure he does not take unusual time and does not get out of sight. Most hotels keep the credit card machines within the sight of the customers for assurance.While traveling abroad, you have to follow travel tips of financial safety while using your credit cards. Do not give your credit card or credit card numbers to suspected people and outlets. Avoid seeking help related to credit card usage from strangers.Cash safety travel tips during travel for seniors and womenSeniors and women are easy victims while on vacation. By following basic travel tips for cash and credit card safety, they can avoid financial loss and prevent potential threats. Keep the cash at least in two places. If you loose cash from one location, you still have cash to manage emergencies. Get a list of all ATM locations in the destination where you can draw cash. Do not wait to draw cash until you have spent the last penny. Do not take out large amounts of cash in public places. Do not disclose the amount tat you are carrying with you.Toddler travel tips for Credit CardsDo not give credit card to kids or minors. They can lose the card and land you in trouble situation. They can also spoil the magnetic impression of the card and render it useless. However, it is necessary to keep some cash in the pocket of the kids to handle emergencies.International Travel Tips for Credit Card LossesKeep the international number of the credit card company to promptly report loss of card. As soon as the card is lost, report it to company, find your balance to look for any frauds. This would be a great help for you to avoid financial loss related to fraudulent use of your credit card.

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Traveling abroad, student travel, safety and road trip planningIt is no secret that when young people vacation with their friends, alcohol consumption is high and partying is the primary past-time. However, with the unfortunate tragedy of Natalee Holloway’s death while on vacation in Aruba, it is important for young people to keep safe while traveling. Irresponsible drinking is not the only issue involved with unsafe travel; there are several safe travel tips that need to be kept in mind while vacationing to ensure your safety.Whether you’re traveling abroad to Paris, spending spring break on South Padre Island, Texas or taking a summer road trip to Las Vegas, Nevada, it is important to keep safe and aware of your surroundings at all times. By following just a few, small travel tips and keeping a few things in mind, you can ensure that your vacation goes smoothly and that you have a great time.Basic safe travel tips:
Knowing your limitsHangovers are not the only thing you need to worry about when partying; binge drinking can lead to black-outs, alcohol poisoning and even worse – death. Most importantly though, alcohol clouds your judgment severely and makes bad situations and decisions look alright. Try to monitor your alcohol consumption and the alcohol consumption of those traveling with you. This leads me to the second rule: the Buddy System.Buddy SystemRemember those afternoon buddy checks at the local swimming pool? The buddy system, it is tried and true and it works. Wherever you go with your friends whether it’s the bar, a club, the beach or a party, keep tabs on each other. Try to stay together at all times. Realistically this doesn’t always happen and people get separated. If you do get separated or you decide to go your own ways, which is not recommended, try to check in with each other at least every hour or so. Also, plan ahead a meeting place if you cannot locate each other. It is important to remain with your friends or close by them at all times. For guys, if you find yourself in a fight, you have your buddies there to help you out. For gals, if you’re receiving unwanted sexual advances, your ladies are there to help you out of an unwanted situation.Don’t take candy from strangersWhen young people vacation, they are out mingling, partying and meeting new people. You need be careful of strangers though and shouldn’t completely trust anyone. Be careful of what they’re offering you; there are a lot of scam artists out there. For women, if a man buys you a drink you need to be aware of the fact that he may try to drug you or if he buys you an excessive amount of drinks that he may be trying to get you drunk and take advantage of you. Not to sound like EVERYBODY is out to get you, but you need to be aware of the possibilities and be wary of trusting people you have just met. Most importantly though, never leave alone with someone you have just met and never give them the number to your hotel room.Think of the consequencesTo take risk of sounding like my mother, you really do need to think of the consequences of your actions. They need to be kept in mind, especially when traveling abroad.Traveling abroad and student travel tipsKnow the rules, customs and lawsEach year more than 2,500 Americans are arrested abroad and more than one-third of those arrests are drug related and student travel related. Simply because it’s legal to smoke marijuana in Amsterdam, doesn’t mean that it is legal to take it with you to Germany. When you’re traveling abroad it is vital to be completely aware of the rules, custom and laws that are associated with the countries you are visiting. Young people and students are commonly arrested for being intoxicated in public areas and for drunk driving; this is common for not only people traveling abroad, but also for student vacationing in the United States. If you do get in trouble while traveling abroad, contact the local US embassy.Dress to unimpressTheft is another common vacation mishap. Leave the bling at home, don’t carry excessive amounts of cash and don’t bring with you unneeded credit cards. Dressing nicely, wearing a Rolex and flashing your cash screams steal from me. In case items do get stolen, you should make two copies of your passport identification page before leaving. This will help expediate the time spent getting your passport replaced if it is lost or stolen. Leave one copy in your hotel room and the other back home with someone easily contacted.Road Trip Tips:Plan aheadBefore embarking on your trip, you need to plan ahead, and come up with a travel itinerary that should include what roads you will be traveling on and where you will be staying. The travel itinerary should be given to someone who is not going with on the trip so they can know where you are at all times in case something does go wrong.Check it outIt only seems logical to have your car tuned up before heading out on the road; however, this is a step that is often overlooked. Before leaving on a road trip take your car to a local car shop and have them check it over, change the oil and have the tire pressure checked. It is also recommended that you have access to AAA or some other emergency roadside service in case something does go wrong.And last don’t pick up hitchhikers. It is not 1960 anymore and it is not safe.Vacations are supposed to be fun and by keeping these few safe travel tips in mind, you can make sure that they remain that way.

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If you are a jet-setter, it’s assumed that you travel light for convenience, not unless you are on your way to a month-long vacation in Paris or somewhere in the Bahamas. Perhaps you would have to bring 2 sets of luggage containing your daily wardrobe and accessories plus a hand-carried pouch with your money, make-up and cellular phone in it. When travelling, it’s important to plan ahead for a secured flight, convenient accommodation and harmless escapades. You can consider the top 10 safe travel tips in this article for a more safety jet-setting experience.First up, monitoring the general travel advisory and getting free information from online sets might be a smart start for you to know the latest updates regarding the destination you are heading to. Secondly, weather conditions must be known just before you board the ship or plane. It would help if you double-checked a travel insurance covering accident security in cases when buckling up in the sky wouldn’t do any difference in the middle of aerial crashing. You don’t think it’s possible to get under any harmful circumstance, yes, but it’s best to play safe and anticipate the worse. In top 10 safe travel tips, the fourth one is to make your travel itinerary registered on the worldwide web and be known to relatives close to you so that you can be reached in case of emergencies at your household and corporate compartment.Fifth idea in top 10 safe travel tips elaborates that you must be well-informed whether your destination requires a passport alone or a special travelling Visa. Fifth tip is to make sure that validity of your passport is within your travelling dates. Be wary of the fact that in some destinations, a Visa doesn’t assure entry. Sixth is that you must be obedient to certain consular policies; local laws may not be applicable in consular’s jurisdiction. Seventh spot speaks about your assurance that your pertinent documents such as insurance policy, traveler checks, Visa and passport are double-copied with the photocopy version on your hand and the original set left at your house as main documentation. Eighth tip suggests that while traveling, you might want to be in regular contact with family just to ensure them of your safety. Although it may not be necessary to divulge your whereabouts, informing someone about your entire itinerary may matter just in case when unexpected happenings take place.Solo travelling is a freeing journey. You are liberated from the boundaries of your own comfort zone. Top 10 safe travel tips says on the eighth spot that you have to purchase tickets ahead of time and pre-book your accommodation and transport needs. Tenth tip says that you must pack up your things securely one to two days before you depart. On the day itself, you have to be prompt in hitting the airport so you don’t miss your flight. These travel tips are for your goodness in any liberating jet-setting endeavor in the future.

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Traveling is one of the most enjoyable and interesting things we can do, but with traveling comes some risks. We all know that it’s not always safe to travel and that some of the things associated with it, such as money and hotel stays bring with them some additional risks as well. There are some top ten safe travel tips that you can use to make your travels more safe and enjoyable.Everyone should take the time to learn the top ten safe travel tips for those who are traveling summer or winter.1. Keep your self and your children seat belted at all times when the car is moving. Keep your young children or toddlers safely secured in a rear facing car seat. The reason this is a top ten safe travel tip is obvious. The kids are our number one concern when it comes to traveling.2. Keep your cash stashed out of sight. When you stop don’t display large amounts of cash and don’t flash it in a store. When you can use travelers checks as opposed to carrying large amounts of strictly cash. When you do carry cash, keep some in the car, some on you and some on your spouse so that your trip is not dependent upon just one person. One of the top ten safe travel tips that can keep your trip safe if one of you is injured, or your car is stolen, is this one.3. Keep a first aid kit in your car at all times.4. Don’t visit an ATM machine at night or when alone.5. If traveling with children, keep things to occupy them so that you can keep your attention focused on the driving, where your attention should be. This top ten safe travel tip is one of the most important.6. Be aware of how is around you at all times. Make sure that you are paying attention to where you children are, and where others are located in relation to them and to you.7. Keep your luggage or pda/palm pilot close to you. Don’t permit strangers to come near your luggage or ask them to watch it while you enter a restroom or other areas where you are not able to see the things you will be carrying onto an airline or train/automobile. Paying close attention to this one of the top ten safe travel tips will assure that you not only keep yourself and your family safe, but also others who will be traveling with you if you are using mass transportation.8. Keep your regular medication handy and on your person as opposed to packaged all separate from you.9. Don’t carry your most valued jewelry or your most expensive coat with you on vacation. Its in open invitation.10. Don’t take your children with you or travel to parts of the country where advisories have been issued. If it is truly a vacation, then why put yourself into a position to be in danger.

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Are you planning on going on a cruise? Well if this is your very first time, you may not be very sure what to expect. Having a few tips to help you out can be very helpful to you. So, here are some important cruise travel tips to keep in mind when you go on a cruise.Tip #1 – Have a Carry On Bag – The first one of cruise travel tips that you’ll need to remember if you’re going on a cruise is to make sure that you have a carry on bag. Once you get on the ship, you’ll want to visit your cabin but you can’t expect your baggage to show up for awhile. So, it’s a good idea to have a carry on that has some clothes and a few essential toiletries on hand.Tip #2 – Get a Map of the Ship – Cruise ships are huge. You don’t want to get lost and a map can definitely be a huge help to you. Make sure you have the map and take a bit to look it over so that you’ll be able to more easily get around the ship.Tip #3 – Walk to Where You’re Going – When you are going to dinner or you are going to a show on board, you may want to walk wherever you are going. You’ll find that the elevators are probably going to be full and often many people are trying to wait for an elevator and they may not be in a great mood. So, just go ahead and take a stroll and get a bit of exercise walking to wherever you need to go.Tip #4 – Keep the Noise Down at Night – If you are out late at night, make sure that you keep the noise down. You don’t want to go around slamming the doors of your cabin, since it can wake many people around you up. So, have some courtesy and shut your doors as quietly as possible to avoid encounters with grumpy cruise mates.Tip #5 – Avoid Wearing Expensive Jewelry – When you are on a cruise ship, don’t go around wearing your most expensive jewelry so everyone can see it. Of course there will be some formal dinners where you will want to look great, but leave the most expensive jewelry at home. You may become the victim or a thief if you go around flaunting expensive jewelry.Tip #6 – Tip Generously, is the last one of the cruise travel tips listed here; When you are out there on a cruise, make sure that you tip generously whenever possible. Most of the people on the ship make very little money except for by your tips. So, make sure that you are kind enough and generous to give a great tip.Finally, make your cruise travel memorable and all that you want it to be by doing a lot of planning before you travel.

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All travelers must have a contingency plan ready in case of a medical emergency while traveling abroad. Illnesses and injuries can occur without warning. Therefore, you must be ever ready to deal with it when and if it happens.It is cliche, but I’ll say it anyway: better to be safe than sorry. Do not opt for long distance travel if you are not in perfect condition. Go for a physical medical examination, a few weeks before the planned trip. You want to ensure that there is no virus or bacteria brewing a war against the immune system. If undetected, you could end up spending their vacation nursing a disease in a crowded hotel or hospital room.Ensure you have a comprehensive health insurance policy. Your insurance should cover medical emergencies, hospitalization, medical procedures and evacuation or transport. You may have to pay more for health insurance that provides good coverage while abroad. Just remember that the financial support of this policy that may result in the case of an emergency is worth every penny you paid for it.Brush up on how to call emergency numbers in your destination. If you can not trust yourself to memorize a string of numbers, be sure to save them in the phone book or on a piece of paper so you can easily access them. If you have a pre-existing medical condition that can lead to an emergency situation, it is recommended that you always carry a mobile phone with roaming activate. You will be immediately able to seek medical help if needed.It is important to carry relevant medical information about yourself. Your blood type, known allergies and pre-existing medical conditions and medications are essential for physicians to determine the appropriate medical procedure to follow.If your medical emergency involves serious surgery, make sure the local medical institution is able to provide a quality operation service. Call your doctor at home and discuss the matter with him or her. If you do not need to have the operation performed immediately explore the possibility of getting transported to a better equipped center for the procedure.If you want to be transported back home, you can hire international health care providers for medical evacuation or medical assistance. This usually involves air ambulance flights in a helicopter or fixed wing aircraft. They are not cheap, so make sure that medical assistance is included in your insurance coverage.You can also hire a doctor accompanying you to return home. They are medical professionals, usually registered nurses or paramedics, accompanying a sick or injured person home. They ensure that all travel arrangements are complete for the trip. They also monitor the patient’s condition and administer the necessary drugs and other medical procedures during the trip.Finally, if you are a member of international medical organizations such as International SOS and the International Association for Medical Assistance for Travelers, take advantage of their services to help take the measures and recommendations for you in the event of an emergency.

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Much like other islands in the Caribbean, the tourism industry of St. Kitts has recently been courting the serious traveling golfer. With over 50 million devoted golfers worldwide and far more recreational players, Caribbean golf resorts are turning to golf as a focal point of their tourism efforts. According to published statistics, the traveling golfer, on business or vacation, both travels
more often and spends approximately 35 percent more per trip than an average tourist.Throughout the entire Caribbean, the golf industry continues to grow at an incredible rate. Within the last 10 years, many of the world’s most recognized golf course architects have lent their skill to Caribbean soil, including Jack Nicklaus, Tom Weiskopf, Greg Norman and Peter Dye.
In regards to St. Kitts, it certainly helps that the island’s climate and environment are perfectly suited for such golf course construction. In addition to heavenly weather, everything from the jungles to the beaches remains remarkably well-preserved. With one of the centerpieces of St. Kitts tourism now in place, the coming years will see at least four new tournament quality courses. Here is an outline of what to expect in the future and some travel tips to make the most of your Caribbean golf vacation.At the heart of St. Kitts’ golf course development and tourism plans is the recently remodeled Royal St. Kitts Golf Club. Developed in conjunction with the St. Kitts Marriott Resort and Royal Beach Casino, the 6,900-yard, par 71 golf club majestically overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Designed by award-winning architect Thomas McBroom and essentially rebuilt atop an existing course of lesser renown, the Royal St. Kitts Golf Club has already established itself as the premier links-style course in the Caribbean.To accompany the beautifully updated course, the Royal St. Kitts Golf Club also has a luxurious new clubhouse with a restaurant and bar, locker rooms and a full-service pro shop. The Royal St. Kitts Golf Club will also house the Faldo Institute by Marriott, a state-of-the-art training and education facility. If that isn’t enough for you, the Marriott Hotel has 648 guest rooms and suites, three swimming pools, the 35,000 square foot Royal Beach Casino and the 15,000 square foot Emerald Mist Spa.Slated to open in early 2007, the $14-million La VallĂ©e Golf Course designed by Charles Howard will be a traditional links layout coupled with impressive views of the Caribbean Sea, small neighboring islands and Mount Liamuiga, the island’s highest point. In the future, this St. Kitts golf club will be surrounded by private villas, a new marina and a luxury hotel.In the Sandy Bank area, a $295 million Caribbean golf resort is scheduled to open in 2008. Besides the luxury hotel and its trimmings, the complex will include another much-anticipated championship course. With a layout designed by Rees Jones, brother of Robert Trent Jones Jr. and one of the leading golf course architects in his own right, the course is destined to be yet another gem in a growing collection of St. Kitts treasures.The most recently announced project is the Kittitian Heights Resort at Belmont Estate in northwestern St. Kitts, only 20 miles from the capital of Basseterre. The $195 million development is scheduled to open in 2011 and will include a course designed by Ian Woosnam, the former Masters Champion.On St. Kitts sister island of Nevis, the Four Seasons Caribbean Golf Resort is another great design by Robert Trent Jones Jr., one of the Caribbean’s most active architects. Finished in 1991, the course certainly set the standard for things to come on the islands. Now, a new layout designed by renowned Canadian golf course architect Doug Carrick, scheduled to open in 2008, will carve a path through the coconut groves on the foothills of Mount Nevis.

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It’s family vacation time and while it’s great to get away and have a wonderful time together, these trips can also be a nightmare for adults when children become restless and bored.Kids see the world different than adults and will often have various reactions to the sites and sounds around them. If you are traveling in a plane or car, you will especially want to keep your children preoccupied to prevent them from acting up.Here are some ways to ensure your family vacation travel goes smoothly.1) Plan your trip ahead of time – the old “get in the car and let’s go” may be great for people without children, but taking your kids on a long trip requires more planning. When taking a car trip, you’ll need to map out a route where there are plenty of rest stops along the way.Children need to get out of the car to stretch their limbs and let out all that cooped up energy.2) Expect frequent bathroom breaks and lots of questions – “I’ve gotta go to the bathroom” and “Are we there yet” are classic things that you will hear your kids say over and over again. Instead of being annoyed, know ahead of time that this is going to be a normal part of the trip, so don’t take it out on the kids. Remember, they have smaller bladders than adults and shorter attention spans.You could have a come back line like: “No, we’re not there yet, but here’s something I bet you don’t know about . . .”3) Bring along some entertainment – a great travel tip for child fun is to bring along some travel games that will keep your kids preoccupied for long stretches of time. Make sure to bring a variety of games since kids get bored easily with a single game. Something that challenges their mind is excellent. Portable video games are a natural for the younger crowd.Skip the fiction books and coloring books since these will make your kids car sick.4) Bring snacks – make sure to pack plenty of healthy snacks so you can dole them out along the way when the kids say they’re hungry. This gives you more control over what they eat during the trip, then say, stopping at a gas station and grabbing a greasy hot dog and sugary soda.You could bring along your own granola snack bags with raisins, nuts, dried fruit, etc. Also juice boxes are perfect for long trips. If you like to bake, then homemade cookies and brownies are always appreciated. And that old staple, the pack and go sandwich is still a winner.5) Bring along a babysitter – invite a family member or friend to come along – someone who can be responsible for the kids while you take a much needed break. Make sure it’s someone the kids know and feel comfortable being around.6) Take it Easy on the Activities – once you’ve arrived at your destination, it’s tempting to try and pack your schedule with a full day of activities. The problem with this idea is that your young children will get tired out and become cranky. You want your kids to be able to enjoy the experience and have good memories, which they can’t do if they are worn out.Older children may not wish to do everything that you want to do. If they are teenagers, try and give them some time and space to do their own thing. Remember, this vacation is for them to get away from it all and have some fun too7) Keep younger children on a regular sleep schedule – children will naturally want to stay up later while on vacation, but remember that they may get cranky if they don’t get enough sleep. You’ll want to let them stay up maybe an hour or so after their normal bedtime, but then let them know it’s time to hit the sack.

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Kenya is more and more popular with foreign tourists – not surprisingly, if we look what the country has to offer. What are the top seven things to see and do in Kenya?1. Going on a safariKenya maintains a well-managed system of national parks, who are among the finest of Africa. This has made Kenya the top safari destination in the world. Masai Mara and Amboseli National Park are the most popular wildlife resorts, and they draw in the tourist high seasons (July-August and December-January). However, there are plenty of hidden gems for safaris left.My favorites are the impressive Mount Elgon National Park – the area around Africa’s third-biggest mountain – and the small but beautiful Saiwa Swamp National Park. Both attract few visitors but are of a breathtaking beauty and tranquility.2. Visit the Swahili coast regionWithin Kenya, the coastal region stands apart. Arabs have frequented this part along the Indian Ocean since the 9th century, and this has led to the rise of the famous Swahili culture – the vibrant mix of African, Arab and Indian cultures. Many people are Muslim here, although of a liberal type.If you have the chance, watch a Taarab performance, seductive African-Arab-Indian music played at weddings and other festivities. And of course, Kenya has 500 kilometers of white sand beaches with excellent and affordable beach resorts, where you can dine and sip Martinis right at your private beach.3. Visit a tribal villageEspecially the Masai, Samburu and Turkana peoples still live a traditional, tribal lifestyle. It’s possible to visit their villages and do a tea drinking ceremony or watch traditional dances. However, ask a travel guide to direct you to a good opportunity, as too much of tourist visits turn into demoralizing high-pressure sales events.4. Experience the Wildebeest MigrationPerhaps the best of all Kenya travel tips. Each year in September-October, between half to one million Wildebeest suddenly gather on the Serengeti plains in Tanzania, after which they trek in a big circle through the south of Kenya and back again. It’s one of the biggest wildlife shows on earth. Some lodges are strategically placed so you’ll be right in the middle of it.5. Take a balloon tripShort hot air balloon trips over one of the major wildlife resorts – especially Masai Mara – have become increasingly popular. They typically leave very early in the morning so you’ll spend the first hours after sunrise gliding over the Kenyan plains, which is the best time for animal watching. There’s breakfast with champagne after landing. Priced around $400, they aren’t cheap, however.6. Visit Nairobi Who’s afraid of big bad Nairobi? It doesn’t have the best reputation, but actually I like Nairobi, and if you take some common sense precautions, nothing unpleasant is likely to happen to you. Nairobi is a really cosmopolitan place, where Africans and whites of all nationalities gather.My favorite places include Simmers, for a late breakfast with good coffee and newspapers, and the New Florida nightclub (nicknamed “Madhouse”), which indeed is a pretty crazy place in the early hours… And just outside Nairobi is the huge Nairobi National Park, making Nairobi one of the few world capitals where you can be in the middle of the wild bush with a 30-minute taxi ride from the city center.7. Go diving in the Indian OceanKenya has great possibilities for diving and snorkeling, even by professional standards. The reefs at Watamu National Park along the coast are in an excellent condition. There are many of very exotic fish, in every color and shape conceivable. Fishers are totally banned from the waters, so you’ll not be disturbed. Even harmless whale sharks visit the waters regularly, a highlight for any diver.With this list of Kenya travel tips, I still haven’t mentioned trekking the permanently iced Mount Kenya, the huge pink flamingo population of Lake Nakuru, the coastal city of Mombasa with it’s ancient fortress, the paradise island of Lamu, the dhow races, and much more.